Before the war, our facilities were concentrated in the hero cities of Kharkiv and Kyiv, which affected the work of our business. We are currently resuming printing and every order you place allows us to continue working further.
Glory to Ukraine!
We are a printing house from Ukraine.
We print books in soft/hardcover in a circulation of 1-200 copies.
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DrookBook Printing House provides exclusive materials. The books you can find on our website are not sold in bookstores, as they are not being printed by anyone except us. We also sell bestsellers with the special design and posters with the best printing paper and inks.

We put our love into  every product. These are not just nice words, because our employees carefully compose each book, and the design team processes all the covers and pages. By ordering products from our website, you will receive a product that will not only be convenient to use, but will also fit nicely on any bookshelf and will delight you with its appearance.
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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
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