Before the war, our facilities were concentrated in the hero cities of Kharkiv and Kyiv, which affected the work of our business. We are currently resuming printing and every order you place allows us to continue working further.
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"Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" in Ukrainian
Eliezer Yudkovsky's work is based on the magical universe of Harry Potter, but it is designed to develop rationality in readers and residents of our ordinary world. The fanfic has been translated into  17 languages ​​by its supporters and  fans. The Ukrainian translation of "Harry Potter and  Methods of Rationality" was developed by a team of fan translators of the work for several years.

Due to copyright issues, you will not be able to find the books "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" in any bookstore in any country in the world. However, enthusiastic readers can print books for their own use —even on a home printer , even in printing shops —for their own use, by ordering printing on demand. DrookBook printing house provides such services.
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The English-language work and fan translations are freely distributed under licenses that allow anyone to edit and transform the material, (mostly Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International and the like). Some translation licenses allow distribution and use even for commercial purposes.

Following world traditions, the Ukrainian translation has a license CC-BY-NC-SA, which allows anyone to modify and distribute the work, but expressly prohibits commercial use.
Who worked on the book?
Віддаємо шану перекладачам та усім, хто працював над перекладом твору та його удосконаленням, щоб шанувальники могли читати твір українською:
  • Yatsenko Kyrylo aka hedrok
  • Izmailova Elvira aka Lewissa
  • Belova Olga
  • Ohrym Volodymyr aka ikakok
  • Dmytro Kabakchei
  • Nestorak Alina
  • Dmytro Redchuk aka brownian
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